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Abner B's

What started as a mobile ice cream store on wheels has become one of Fredericksburg’s most popular ice cream shops in just a few short years! Abner Butterfields, or Abner B’s, serves up delectable ice cream in unique combinations all year, delighting Fredericksburg natives and visitors alike!

Grab A Scoop Of ‘Scream

Every scoop on the menu (and there’s a lot of them!) is fresh, creamy, homemade, and 83% fat-free, which means it’s a super-premium ice cream. They use natural fruits and flavorings to provide the freshest, most delicious flavors they can.  In addition to traditional ice creams, Abner B’s also offers sorbets, Italian Ices, and frozen yogurts to please every palate.

Abner B’s menu rotates throughout the year to feature seasonal scoops, but there are a few mainstays such as Madagascar Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Rainbow that are regularly available. Other unique flavors include Butter Walnut, Sea Salt Caramel, Amaretto Swirl, Banana Caramel, Lemon Cheesecake, Mango Stracciatella, Mango Apricot, and so many more! You can find a complete list of their flavors here.

Abner B’s also offers ice cream sundaes, splits (in sizes Big and Even Bigger), Frozen dipped bananas, shakes, and malts to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Get Abner B’s At Your Event

What’s better than a party? A party with ice cream! You can have the Abner B’s Purple Cow ice cream truck, or an ice cream cart, at your event by filling out an easy form online. The Abner B’s cart is perfect for smaller events, and you’ll be able to choose up to eight flavors to be served. If you’re having a large corporate event, wedding, or another party, the Purple Cow truck is the way to go! It can serve up to 100 people per hour, and you’ll be able to choose up to 22 flavors for your event.

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Abner B’s History

Abner B’s was inspired by childhood trips to a soft-serve ice cream shop on the way to Grandma’s house. After experimenting and perfecting ice cream making at the “King Bee”‘s home, the shop started with a small plant in Stafford, VA, and the Purple Cow. As Abner B’s grew in popularity, they were able to open up a standalone store at 821 Caroline Street in 2019, and have continued to enjoy massive success.

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