Why Getting An Oil Change Is Important

June 29th, 2020 by

Car mechanic changing engine oil


Your schedule is busy, which means that seemingly small tasks can slip through the cracks easily. But oil changes are one of the most important services for your vehicle, and it’s important to get them on a regular basis. Here’s why.

Clean Engine

The oil flows through your engine and all of the connected components and helps to keep them running smoothly. Without regular oil changes, sludge can develop, which will slow down the engine and the mechanics of your car. Clean oil helps to lubricate all of the moving parts and prevents dirt and debris from building up. Clean oil also makes your vehicle’s emissions and exhaust cleaner.

Longer Life

When you get regularly scheduled oil changes, you’re helping keep your vehicle run on its original engine for as long as possible. When all of the engine parts are properly lubricated, it prevents damage from things grinding unnecessarily.

Better Fuel Efficiency

There are many factors that affect the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, and motor oil is one of them. When debris gets inside the engine and components it causes friction, and that decreases your car’s fuel economy. If your engine has to work harder because it’s improperly lubricated or dirty, you’ll lose that precious gas mileage quicker than you’d like.

Improved Engine Performance

Oil breaks down when it is exposed to heat in the engine, and it loses viscosity and lubrication as it beaks down. Clean oil flows much easier than dirty oil, and dirty oil won’t remove heat from the engine as well as clean oil. This means you’ll lose horsepower, and it may feel “off” when you drive.

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Book Your Oil Change Today

Now that you know why keeping a healthy supply of clean oil is so important to the health, lifespan, and efficiency of your vehicle, don’t’ delay booking your next oil change at Safford Volkswagen of Fredericksburg. Look up the recommended amount of miles between oil changes in your owner’s manual, and bring your car in if you’ve hit or surpassed that mileage number since your last oil change. You can use our easy, quick online scheduling tool to book an oil change when it’s convenient for you.

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